Video shoot: Daikin Manufacturing Germany GmbH tackles the road to Smart Factory in 8 weeks.

10/18/2021 09:34 AM

To increase competitiveness and support the best possible start-up of new production lines, Daikin Manufacturing Germany GmbH relies on Smart Factory solutions from Sonic Technology. Plant manager Markus Laging and his team report on the successful transformation of their production facility in a success story worth seeing.

Starting with digital support for production floor management, intuitive worker assistance, full machine integration and tracing of significant assemblies were subsequently introduced. Control of just-in-sequence logistics processes rounds out the complete manufacturing execution system. "Efficiency in management has been significantly improved," says Markus Laging, "we have up-to-date information at all times." Bilal Tsavous, the CIP manager for the plant, emphasizes the rapid implementation: "Sonic managed to introduce the new system in 8 weeks."

The journey from lean manufacturing to smart factory was captured in a video success story and you can watch it below.

Success Story Daikin Manufacturing - From Lean Manufacturing to Smart Factory from Sonic Technology AG on Vimeo

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