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Sonic Technology was founded in 2017 based on personal experiences of our founders in various positions of industrial companies. There, our founders had to feel the daily cost pressure and the need for improvement. To counter this, we develop software that combines lean principles with the potential of digitalization. In doing so, we live our mission of "efficient day-to-day business"!

In contrast to standard solutions, Sonic Technology's software focuses purely on manufacturing. It user-friendly for both managers and front-line workers. This lean approach is cost-effective and ensures a quick implementation of the software. We promise measurable improvements after only 8 weeks!

Our software is applied in the following areas:


Increase transparency and create a digitally supported basis for your day-to-day management.


Record and improve your technical availabilities and always keep the overview.

Made by manufacturing engineers

Not only our founders have years of experience in manufacturing. All of our customer success team members have worked in manufacturing companies and know what they are talking about.

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We are member of various business associations and are technology partners of various consulting companies:

Technology Mountains
MES DACH Verband e.V.
Noventa Consulting

Founders and Management

Lukas Weber, M.Sc.

Lukas Weber, M.Sc.

Co-Founder and CEO

Talent-enticing and competitive factories need user-friendly and efficient processes!

Lukas Weber is a Digital Lean Native for manufacturing and maintenance. Already as a teenager, Lukas spent a lot of time in his great-grandfathers' automotive supplier company and therefore knows the challenges of manufacturing companies. After graduating, he founded Sonic Technology and has since provided international market leaders such as Daikin, CATL, E.G.O., and others with software solutions for manufacturing and maintenance. The solutions are based on the lean principles which result in higher efficiency and faster decision-making.

Dipl.-Ing. Marc Walter

Dipl.-Ing. Marc Walter

Co-Founder and CTO

Software must be flexible and supportive for processes instead predefing them!

Marc Walter has worked as an expert for lean management at various OEMs such as Mercedes-Benz (Daimler) and Festo. He focused there on the development of modern software technologies in the field of AI and industry 4.0. Marc is Co-Founder of Sonic Technology and as CTO responsible for the continuous development of the user-friendly software solutions.

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