Frequently asked questions

Here you will find the answers to the most important questions about our solutions.

What is the expected return on investment?

Typical projects achieve a return of investment (ROI) between 2 and 4 months. Key levers are a focus on improvement activities, faster decisions through more transparency and more efficient data acquisition.

To achieve measurable results after only 8 weeks, we put our customers' processes and organization first. These form the basis for the software functions, because a software solution is only as good as the processes it maps. We call this approach Digital Lean: The combination of proven methods of lean & process management with digitalization.

In addition to a short-term ROI (Return Of Investment), this approach also creates the necessary user acceptance at all levels.

How long does it take to implement and roll out?

As engineers, we know it from our own professional practice: IT projects can literally be a show stopper for manufacturing. The introduction takes months until the often rigid IT software reasonably reflects reality. This phase slows down the entire factory and costs you personally a lot of time and energy.

We want to make this better! We believe in the "Lean" principles. We focus on the most important levers step by step. This way, ongoing manufacturing is not restricted and you can demonstrate measurable success after only a short time.

Our value proposition: Our clients achieve measurable improvements after only 8 weeks!

Can the ERP system (such as SAP, Dynamics, etc.) be integrated?

Our systems are fully integrated into your ERP and IT landscape. For this purpose, a wide range of interface technologies (API) are available, with which we can, for example, synchronize manufacturing orders, operator interaction, sequencing, or cost allocation. We support both reading and writing interfaces.

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Can machine data be acquired and used in the software?

Yes. Machine data can be acquired directly from the control unit, via an industrial IoT device (iIoT), or via protocols such as OPC UA or MQTT. In most cases, it is worthwhile to query specific parameters such as quantities or machine conditions. On request, we will be happy to supply you with an evaluation kit or advise you on the selection of suitable hardware for your plant.

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Can data from other data sources also be visualized?

Yes. A typical example are management KPIs that are required from different data sources such as accounting. We offer a variety of interface technologies so that each regular meetings can obtain the relevant information at a glance.

To learn more, click on the following link:

Learn more about our integration and APIs

Which devices can be used?

Our modern web technology offers the biggest possible flexibility. Our software can be accessed and used via browser. The responsive design allows the usage of big TV screens as well as PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Even smart watches are possible. The only important thing is that a modern browser such as Microsoft Edge (Chromium-based) or Safari is used. It is not necessary to install programs on the devices.

Does Sonic Technology offer global solutions and in which languages are they available?

Our flexible architecture supports different locations and different languages. For global roll-outs, we synchronize the data of your manufacturing network without loosing performance. We will be happy to advise you on the system concept for global applications.

Generally, our systems are available in German, English and Spanish. Other languages can easily be added.

What training efforts and learning times can be expected?

Software must be user-friendly and easy to understand without manuals and big trainings. All masks must be easy to use, so that training efforts are not required - just as we are used to from our smartphone apps today. With us, each page also has a one-point guide, i.e. a clear summary of the most important functions on one page.

But don't worry: we will support you during the introduction and throughout the entire use, so that all users can find their way around and the software meets with a high level of acceptance at all levels.

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